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Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Ask What Something Means in Cebuano

Sometimes, you would encounter new words or expressions in your travels in the Visayas region and some of them you may want to find out the meaning of.  Here is the question you would use for this occasion.

Asking someone what a word means:

Pangutana:  Unsay buot ipasabot sa kaha?
Question:    What does kaha mean? 

Asking someone what someone meant:

Pangutana:  Unsay buot ipasabot ni Tony (non-subject pronouns; sa/sa mga) sa pahalipay?
Question:  What did Tony mean with pahalipay?


What - unsay
Mean - buot ipasabot 

Try practicing this expression until it becomes automatic and you can use it whenever the situation arises.   

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