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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Visayan/Cebuano Friendly Bantering Expressions

If you have stayed for sometime in the country and have acquired some basic expressions in Cebuano, and would like to try some expressions when you kid with some locals, you can use the following.  Be sensitive to the occasion too because sometimes the person you might want to banter with, might not be receptive, so instead of having fun, you might irritate someone instead.  But the following expressions are worth learning, just make sure you use them in the appropriate time:

                           What a brag        -  Hambugiroa uy

                Anything you say - Basta ikaw, bay

                  Stingy                 - Tihika, uy

                Take it easy/Relax - Rilaks lang

                 Crazy                   - Buang-buang

                Lazybones            -Tapulana, uy

                What a liar           -Bakakona, uy

                 Rude                   -Bastos/Way batasan

                 Shameless          -Way uwaw/Bagag nawong, uy

                 Stupid                -Katunto, uy

                 Oh, Stop it   (when someone flatters you) - Dili tanto

You can listen to the recording here.

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