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Friday, November 9, 2012

Cebuano Grammar: How to Express Your Feelings in Cebuano

As humans, we all experience different emotions daily.   Therefore, this is one of the things that a language learner should study.  Describing your feelings daily or even hourly is a good way to master this vocabulary.  Read this simple dialogue and  you can just do some substitution later.

        A.  Unsay imong gibati?                 A.  How do you feel?
        B.  Malipayon ko.                           B.   I'm happy.

                                                      Gigutom  ko.


                                                         Masulub-on ko.

                                                        Giuhaw ko.

                                                        Gikapoy ko.

                                                        Nasuko ko.

From the photos, you can tell what feeling is described.  You can find more emotions or feelings here.  Happy practicing!!!

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