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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cebuano Grammar: How To Ask for the Price in Cebuano

One of our basic activities is shopping for our basic needs like food, clothing and what-have-you, there are three major places to go when you do your shopping or buying:  a) the sari-sari store, the tiny neighborhood store where you can get stuff for small quantities or amounts, b) the mirkado, or wet market where food items like fish, meat, veggies and fruits can be bought and c) the massive malls, where you can buy almost everything.  There are advantages and disadvantages when you buy in each one.  In the Philippines, you will find sari-sari stores in almost all corners.The neighborhood sari-sari is convenient when you need something very urgently.  Here are some expressions which will help you when you buy or do some shopping:

General expressions:

How much is this?   that?   that one over there?
Tagpila man 'ni?     'na?      'to?

Here you are/ Here's my payment.

Please give me one (piece).
Palihug hatagi ko ug usa (ka buok).

How expensive!  Discount please.
Mahala uy!  Hangyo, palihug.

In malls:  (salesclerks in malls are comfortable entertaining customers in English, but it will not hurt if you try the following)

Do you accept credit cards/dollars?
Modawat ba kamo ug credit card/dolyar?

Can I try this/it on?
Puydi ko 'ni isukod?

Is there a large size of this?
Na-a bay large ini?

Is there another color?
Na-a bay lain kolor?

These are just a few expressions that I think will be useful.  Write me if you want to know more or better yet,  Attend my classes!!!

You can suggest other practical lessons.  Magkita ta sunod.  Ayu-ayo.

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