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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cebuano Useful Expressions: How to ask for clarification in Cebuano

When you are trying to learn Cebuano, everything around you sounds strange
and different from what you are learning.  It's because native speakers speak automatically and in a natural speed.  However, when you actually listen closely, you'd realize that you know and are familiar with what people are saying.  Here are some expressions that you can use when you want to ask for clarification.

Please repeat.
Usba palihug.

Slowly please.
Hinay-hinay palihug.

Can you please write it?
Puydi nimu isuwat?

When you are trying to learn a new language, it is best that you carry a small notebook where you can take down new words that you encounter while walking or overhear.  One technique is to eavesdrop.  While waiting for the jeep or sitting in a cafe, you overhear people talking and some words may be familiar to you while the rest of the statement may not.  But from the sentence fragments that you can take down, you may be able to guess or supply the other missing words.  So I hope you will try this technique and give me some feedback.  Magbalita-ay ta.  (let's update each other) Sige, ayu-ayo!

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