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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Romantic Cebuano Expressions

If you are coming to visit someone you are romantically involved with in Cebu, you have to be ready and equipped with some romantic expressions to win your lady's hand and heart (body and soul).  You have to show your romantic side, exaggerate it if you must because Filipino ladies want to be wooed and pampered.  Here are some romantic expressions that will be handy to you.  You just need to learn to use them in the appropriate situation.

1. I miss you.
Gimingaw ko nimo.

2. I love you.
Gihigugma ko ikaw.

3. I am in love with you.
Nahigugma ko nimo.

4. I want to marry you.
Gusto ko mangasawa nimo.

5. You are the one I have been looking for.
Ikaw ang dugay ko na nga gipangita.

6.  My heart is yours.
Imo ang akong kasingkasing.

7.  I like you.
Ganahan ko nimo.(generic)/Nakagusto ko nimo.(romantic)

8.  I will love you till the day I die.
Higugmaon ko ikaw hangtud sa adlaw sa akong kamatayon.

9.  Please accept my love and end my suffering.
Palihug dawata ang akong gugma ug hununga na ang akong pag-antos.

10. I was born for you and you were born for me. 
Ako gipakatawo alang kanimo ug ikaw gipakatawo alang kanako.

 Of course you probably have romantic expressions that are not listed here and if you have any question about the expressions or if you need more romantic expressions, simply enrol in my online lessons for a minimum of 10 hours and you will learn more.  Hangtud sa sunud nga leksiyon.  Ayu-ayo!!!

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  1. I love it.......please add much more....
    I need more......thank you for these words of romance for the hopeless romantic in the world.


  2. maboang kos akong gugma nimo - i go crazy with love for you

  3. gihigugma kaayo taka= i love u so much
    ikaw ra sad akong higugmaon tibuok kong kinabuhi=I will only love you for the rest of my life

  4. ikaw ang akong kalipay ug kusug = you are my joy and strength

  5. Thanx lot...
    I Love Dauin...

  6. Thank you for this. :) My honey speaks cebuano and I'll try to learn the basics of this language. :)

  7. Jesus bless you!! My fiancee has been teaching me some Cebuano, now I can really surprise her!!

  8. You and I Forever and Ever = Ikaw ug Ako hangtud sa Kahangturan

  9. I want to write the word "love" on a charm for my partner who is from Cebu. How do I write it?

  10. I think it should be Tika not ko ikaw

    1. both terms would work here: Ko ikaw is rather formal, tika is casual.

  11. What is the difference between ikaw and nimo??

  12. great question: "Ikaw" = you while "nimo" has many equivalents: it can be "to you," "by you," "your") If you study under me, you will know more about this...

    1. Hello .. i am interested in having some tutorials in bisaya .. is that something you still do ?? please email me some information at

  13. I want to learn this language

    how do I contact you to get going and whats the cost

  14. I just want to thank you, i was able to use sweet phrases from here to my wifey during our monthsary

  15. Hi, I am interested in learning. What are the details?

  16. lusi sa daan ayha maka hibalo aning bisaya

  17. How to say will you accept my love and will you marry me?