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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cebuano Essentials: Asking Permission using Puydi

Puydi is the word for can or may in Cebuano and they go with the infinitive form of the verbs in all focuses.  We shall discuss focuses of verbs in the succeeding lessons.   In the past lessons we have used the following verbs with gusto and kinahanglan


Let's ask permission to go to the CR.  This phrase is the first sentence using 'puydi' that teachers teach because it is very useful inside the classroom and also because it is frequently used, the structure will easily be memorized by the learners.  Let's try it:

Puydi ba ko moadto sa CR?

Where is the location of puydi?  The sentence begins with the word 'puydi'
What comes after the word 'puydi The yes/no indicator 'ba'  (Remember, when you see 'ba' in the question, that question requires an answer of O (yes) or Dili (no)
What comes after the question marker 'ba'?  It's the subject in the sentence which happens to be from the subject marker set.  ( ako, ikaw, siya, kita, kami, kamo, sila)  Of course, you can also use other subjects such as:

si Toshi
ang bata
silang Toshi ug Hiroki
ang mga istudyanti

 Now, try making sentences using sentences from the following:

1. puydi - mopalit - bata - kendi
2. puydi - ko - moadto - akong kwarto
3. puydi - si  Homma - molakaw - quadrangle
4. puydi - kami - moinum - beer - unyang gabi-i

If you can create the correct sentences, just email me and I can check it for you.

Daghang Salamat! 

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