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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cebuano Grammar: Simple descriptive sentence

Happy New Year Everyone!

After learning to make phrases, it's time for us to start creating simple descriptive sentences. If you have been reading the former entries or lessons, you will be able to do the simple structures and you will be ready for our future lessons.

Let's take the former phrases that you have created:

balay nga daku

dagat nga lawum

gamay nga tindahan

nindut nga buwak

buotan nga tawo

(you can now check if what you did is right.)

Compare the phrases with the following:

Daku ang balay.

Lawum ang dagat.

Gamay ang tindahan.

Nindut ang buwak.

Buotan ang tawo.

What differences do you notice? Which group would be the sentences? What comes before the words balay, dagat, tindahan, buwak and tawo? This is called a subject marker. The subject marker ang is used before what words? They come before non-personal words.

Try creating your own sentences.

To pluralize the nouns, you can simply put mga before the noun. For example:

mga balay
mga dagat
mga tindahan
mga buwak
mga tawo

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