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Monday, June 30, 2014

Cebuano Essential Grammar: The Conjunction 'ug' (and)

Like in English, there are also conjunctions in Cebuano and one of them is the conjunction 'ug' meaning 'and.'  As you all probably understand and know, 'and' joins together ideas of equal value or importance.  Let's try putting ideas together using 'ug.'

cat and dog = iring ug iro

sun  and moon = adlaw ug bulan

day and night = adlaw ug gabii

morning and afternoon = buntag ug gabii

girl and boy = bayi ug laki

father and mother = tatay ug nanay

agm and leg = braso ug batiis

hand and feet = kamot ug tiil

Let's apply these in longer statements in Cebuano:

I like cats and dogs.
Ganahan ko og mga iring ug mga iro.

My favorite fruits are mango and banana.
Akong mga paboritong prutas ang mangga ug saging.

Math and science are easy.
Sayun ang math ug science.

I hope this topic is helpful to you, guys.  If you have any question, just ask away and I will gladly assist you and try to answer your queries.

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